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Is winter destroying our children's development?

Watch the video below to discover how you can take back control
of your development and increase motivation to train.


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Gilbert Wong

Since we can't train outside during the winter and soccer has stopped due to COVID, this has been a blessing. My kids really enjoy it. They use it every single day! It feels like we are training at the soccer centre. The turf is high quality, price is very reasonable, and the service was great.


Matthew Smith

One of our biggest worries about the lockdown and not being able to get on the field was the deterioration of our kid's skills. With this new turf, they have been able to practice and grow. Building a mini soccer field in our two-car garage has allowed our kids to practice during the winter but it's also given our family a new space to play and spend time together. We play spike ball, soccer, do gymnastics, and workout out on the turf. The product is very high quality. It has been super durable with both cleats and indoor shoes. It's very realistic to play on. The staff was very kind and made sure I had the perfect dimensions for our area. We highly recommend this product to our friends and others in the soccer community.


Luciano Carducci

The pitch has been a great success. It's as real as it gets. The kids love it. The parents love it. I am very happy I decided to get this product. Thanks again for doing such a great job on the installation.

PRODUCT:  $4.99/sq.ft.

  • Pile height: 35 mm

  • Gauge: 3/8 inch

  • Density: 21000 tuft/m2

  • Custom made for sports

  • Designed to withstand the rigor of training

  • Provides real game touch

  • Natural looking grass

  • Dark green blade and green thatch​

  • Proper cushioning; absorbs heavy impact

  • Stands up to hard cuts and turns with cleats.

  • Lead free, child safe and pet friendly

  • Can be used outdoors or indoors


  • Free Assessment

  • Free Delivery

  • Free Installation

  • Free Follow Up


Contact Us  |  Tel: 587-436-2472

Thanks for submitting!

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